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SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition

The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition was launched in 1981 with the goal to connect and unite the satellite industry as we headed toward new frontiers. Over the past 43 years, SATELLITE has served the satellite and space communities and broadened the scope of content to encompass professionals in commercial markets benefiting from satellite technology and applications, such as broadcasting, media & entertainment, government/military, aviation, maritime, automotive, financial, healthcare, telecommunications and more.

SATELLITE continues to be one of the largest business gatherings, innovation platforms, and media events of the year. Here are just some of the many industry developments announced at SATELLITE:

  • Google spinoff, Aalyria, shares its vision for Spacetime, an agile platform designed for optimizing networks (2023).
  • Amazon Project Kuiper unveils new user terminals and announces launch plans for 3,000 satellites into LEO during keynote address (2023).
  • OneWeb announces they will partner with SpaceX to resume satellite launches after it suspended activity from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan due to geopolitical turmoil caused by the invasion of Ukraine (2022).
  • Elon Musk appears to announce commercial satellite launch service on Falcon 9 (2009) and remote/rural broadband service on Starlink (2020).
  • Jeff Bezos appears to reveal Blue Origin’s first commercial satellite launch customer (2017) and its first lunar lander, Blue Moon (2019).  
  • Former O3b visionary and founder of Isotropic Systems Jon Finney reveals the industry’s smallest multi-band, all-in-one terminal (2018).
  • NGC (formerly Orbital ATK) reveals the first commercial in-orbit servicing contract with Intelsat for its MEV-2 (2018).
  • SES becomes the first global satellite operator to sign a launch contract with SpaceX, a major endorsement for the new launcher, and the first operator to sign for a reusable launch (2012 & 2016).
  • Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides and Virgin Founder Richard Branson announced plans to service the commercial satellite industry with a reusable, suborbital launcher (2015).
  • Silicon Valley investors, joined by executives from Google, Planet, and Spire, proclaim the start of a golden age for “New Space” companies and entrepreneurs (2014).
  • Antenna manufacturers ThinKom, Kymeta, Ball, and Phasor reveal phased-array or beam-forming antenna systems (2012-2020).
  • Boeing revealed the industry’s first all-electric communications satellite bus 702SP (2011).
  • Hughes reveals Jupiter-1 and Jupiter-2 satellites and issues manufacturing contracts (2008 & 2013).
  • Iridium reveals its 2nd generation NEXT Constellation (2010).

SATELLITE’s sister products include the CyberSatGov and CyberLEO events and the Via Satellite suite of products including the Daily News Feed, Monthly Edition, On Orbit Podcast, and The Future Space Economy Webcast Series.

Via Satellite

Following the successful launch of the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition, Via Satellite came to fruition with the objective to serve our community’s need for constant and reliable content. In the years following, key influencers flocked to Via Satellite for essential news and expert business analysis on the global commercial communications satellite industry, including current and evolving applications, infrastructure issues, technology, and business and regulatory developments around the world

The Via Satellite Digital Edition is delivered monthly to your email and the Daily News Feed provides actionable news, trends, and announcements through a digital daily newsletter, while www.ViaSatellite.com is your source for constant content.

Access Intelligence

Access Intelligence LLC is a B2B publishing and event company serving multiple markets by creating exceptional experiences that ignite connection and commerce.  The Access Intelligence portfolio includes publications, events, and other content in the Aerospace, Healthcare, Energy, Media & Marketing, and Technology/Connectivity markets.

Access Intelligence’s Satellite Group portfolio includes the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition, CyberSatGov, CyberLEO, and Via Satellite’s suite of products.